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Lastest Release Info Regarding The LMA Program

Dear Large R/C Model Aircraft Owner/Operator,

On January 25, 2011, AMA's Executive Council (EC) approved an update to the Large Model Aircraft program. This program includes some significant changes that you need to be aware of and should familiarize yourself with prior to your next inspection.

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One of the most prominent changes is the weight increase to 125 pounds for prop-driven models (LMA) and 100 pounds for turbine-powered models (LTMA). There are four classifications referenced within the program: LMA-1, LMA-2, LTMA-1 and LTMA-2.

Classifications LMA-1 and LTMA-1 (55 pounds to 77.2 pounds) will allow for a self-inspection by the owner of the LMA or a Large Model Aircraft Inspector (LMAI). It will require two demonstration flights in front of two observers. The owner can serve as one of the observers, as long as he/she is not the pilot of the model. The other observer has to be an AMA Contest Director (CD), Leader Member (LM) or Large Model Aircraft Inspector (LMAI).

Classifications LMA-2 and LTMA-2 will require inspection by an LMAI, followed by demonstration flights observed by the inspector.

Please note that all required documentation (as outlined in the program) has to be received by AMA HQ no later than 30 days after being issued for the permit to be valid! AMA HQ will send a receipt notification to the owner listed on the Permit to Fly and update the Web site listing. This document can be found in the 'Members Only' section.

Best Regards,

Jim Marshall
District VIII AVP
Mission, TX
Academy of Model Aeronautics

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